Most small businesses this year are struggling to boost their online visibility, there is limited government help, and many of them are not deemed essential. The most obvious option is to move your business online, but how do you get customers viewing your business and boost your visibility? We are here with five ways that you can improve your visibility online for free.

  1. Business Cards:

Create stylish business cards for free with this online tool. Select coloured backgrounds and use professional text styling. Design the front and back of your cards using text, elements (shapes), and by importing images. The site offers free-to-use templates in a variety of styles so that any business can benefit.

You can send digital business cards to people online to boost your visibility. Make sure that you include your name, web address, email, and contact details on the cards. Also, add a logo to the corner for increased brand awareness.

  1. Create a Logo:

If you don’t have a logo already, then create one with this free online logo creator. It comes with templates and elements so that you can design a logo that makes your business stand out and be recognized online.

  1. Get a Free Website

Many web host sites let you design a free website. Free Webstore is a great free website design tool for businesses to use, especially shops and clothing sellers. Enter in your products and set them to go live when you want. Add your own descriptions and use the free sale tool option to collectively alter the prices of your products by a percentage or certain amount. You can select different pricing options for postage and packaging too, which is great. We suggest that you weigh your items and add the packaging by weight option. This way your customers will be able to see their postage stay the same if they order a box full of items, as opposed to the postage increasing each time they add a new item.

Make sure you have a blog on your website, so that it keeps visible for the bots that trawl the internet looking for information. The more you make these bots happy, the more your website will stand out and be promoted via the search engine. Check this site out for more information.

  1. Vlog

Start a vlog on YouTube and post it on all your socials. Vlogging is the new, favourite method of advertising an online business and fast-tracking your way to the top. Make short and snappy videos that capture the imagination of your audience. Send them into video-sharing pages on other socials. If it is funny, Lad Bible is your go to, or if it is a cute animal video, try The Dodo. These sites pay for videos and also have a huge amount of trusted traffic. If customers catch sight of your vlog on these sharing sites, they are far more likely to visit your business site.

  1. Post Every Day

Post every day. Without fail. At prime times. Getting a big store of content can be a great way of doing this and using a social sharing site so that you can manage it all from one place. Create content out of content to save time. For example, a funny screenshot from your vlog would be a great post for Instagram. Add the same hashtags for your business so that people start recognizing you across channels.

We hope you have loved our ideas on how to promote traffic to your business and increase visibility for free. If you keep these up, you are bound to have many more customers and have fun doing it too.

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