Facebook is one of the best social networks out there. While I am not advocating spamming people’s feeds with messages about how my product is going to make them rich, wealthy, and famous, I do think it is possible to use Facebook to market yourself and your business. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started!

Step 1: Choose Your Target Market

In order to target your market effectively, you first need to know who they are. This means knowing where they hang out online, what kind of posts they like, and what kinds of articles make them click. You can find this information by logging into their Facebook account and looking at their newsfeed. Look for trends and patterns. Are certain types of content getting more engagement than others? If so, you might want to post those types of articles more often. Is someone posting pictures of themselves and tagging companies that you have recently purchased from? That might mean that they just bought something from you and are excited to share it! In some cases, you may even see things that they liked that you posted. These posts could be helpful hints or recommendations about products that you sell, so you may want to tag yourself in the picture and comment on the post! Sometimes people just love to show off their personal lives, and if you don’t mind sharing a little bit about yours, you should probably jump in on these conversations as well.

Step 2: Find Out What People Like About Themselves

If you are trying to figure out what kind of information would be interesting or useful to people, look at their profile and see what type of information they put up. Do they write about hobbies and interests? Show work pictures? Post funny memes or quotes? Find out what type of information they like to read and start posting that kind of stuff. If you have a blog, you might try writing a few posts about your own experiences, either from your personal life or professional career.

Step 3: Start Commenting On Their Posts

Once you’ve figured out who is interested in reading what you post, go back to their posts and start commenting on them. Make sure you talk about topics relevant to their interests, and use keywords that they’ll search for if they did in fact like your article. As long as you’re not spamming them with links to your website and selling your products, they won’t block you!

Step 4: Keep Updating And Monitoring

This is absolutely the most important thing to remember. Once you start making friends on Facebook, you don’t want to lose those connections by not keeping up with them. So keep checking to see when they post new pictures, check to see what articles and comments they liked, and comment on their posts. If they start following you, then you can follow theirs as well! Just make sure that you stay true to yourself. Don’t sell yourself short by copying and pasting a bunch of generic statements that you’ve seen before. It doesn’t sound sincere and it won’t earn you any points. Be creative and original!